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Ethan Shadow
Ethan Shadow
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"I am sorry, but I work on my own."
Ethan Shadow to the Mission Control.

Ethan Shadow is a rookie from Hero Factory, illegally created by Aldous Witch.


Early Life

Aldous Witch, while creating Ethan, put a corrupted piece of Quaza in his core with the intention of creating his own servant. However, when Aldous was about to wake Ethan and make him a malevolent being, he had to leave for exile, and left Ethan alone.

Ethan was in stasis for a long time, until Mr. Makuro discovered him in his stasis tube and awakened him.

Having curiosity of his abilities, Hero Factory put him through battle tests. They eventually came to the conclusion that the corrupted Quaza made ​​him overly aggressive in combat, so he was considered a menace to Hero Factory. As a preemptive measure, they decided to put Ethan under arrest. Before they could carry out the order, he managed to escape. Many heroes ended up wounded trying to stop him, since he was very strong (although they may have also having confiscated his weapon), and fled on a ship. He he was chased by another Hero, Thomas Burstone, but he managed to lose him in an asteroid field, and continue its journey. Everyone had the wrong opinion of him, however. He just wanted to show them what was he made of.

The Test of Loyalty

Ethan found information about some famous jewel thieves; elusive and strong ones. He then proceeded to stop them on his own.

It was an easy job. He just had to follow them to each of their lairs. The rest depended on his strength and aggressiveness. 

"You are under arrest!"
―Ethan Shadow to the thieves.

He brought the thieves back to Hero Factory, to the astonishment of all present heroes. He was finally accepted into Hero Factory by Mr. Makuro on one condition: To do his missions through teamwork. That was not received eagerly by Ethan. He knew that he was accepted into Hero Factory, but they still wanted to keep an eye on him. That meant that the all Hero Factory still did not trust him.


Ethan was waiting for orders since three weeks (in the meantime he was enhanced with the "Upgrade"), until he was called. He said that he was ready for trap criminals by his own, But Mr. Makuro told him that a hero never goes alone (that "never" resulted traumatic for him). He kept insisting, but in vain. At last, he was assigned to the team "Omnicrón-501 ".

Team members were presented:

  • Thomas Burstone, the team leader. He is a great strategist, but he hates surprise attacks.
  • Steve Thunder, the medical officer. He is a great joker too.
  • Amy Viper, the scout of the team. She is so stealthy as a good fighter.
  • Ethan Shadow was recruited as a weapons specialist (something he was good at)


  • He is the only hero that works with corrupted Quaza, but he is not evil (not necessarily).
  • The other heroes do not trust him because he was created by Eldess Witch, so he is always rejected by them. This causes Ethan refuses to cooperate with others.
  • He hates making teamwork (as just mentioned), because they want to to keep an eye on him. And he always slips from his team (The Omnicrón-501) to do the job TOTALLY alone.