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The Fire Villains are a group of angry, merciless, hot-headed Villains. They are led by the Fire Lord.


When the Fire Lord truly became the Fire Lord, the fire villains rose up to a new level of threat. The first members of this organization were Jetbug, Drilldozer and Nitroblast. The Fire Lord spread news across the universe of the new organization, and many joined it seeing their great potential. This potential was made up of the fire villains' new armor and weapons that may prove to be excellent additions in battle.

During the successful raid on Tanken Station 22, the fire villains were pleased with their efforts and their leader. However, during the second raid that came right after the first, Preston Stormer and his small team of Heroes managed to capture the Fire Lord's three minions and even the Fire Lord himself, whose left hand was severed at the end of the mission. This lead to the major downfall of the fire villains, and most abandoned the cause because of the Fire Lord's defeat and capture.

Currently, there remain several Fire Villains, although most of them are no longer a member of the actual organization and have retired. Several became neutral, while others joined foreign villain organizations.

Silverjaw may be the most powerful Fire Villain in existance, due to his intelligence and tremendous amount of raw power.