Jo-Ann "Scary Lady" Flutter is a rookie hero assigned to Beta Team. She is well known for her temper and for being a fangirl of Breez.


Flutter was created after the upgrade's first field test by Alpha Team and was born with the upgrade along with several other experimental features. During training, she began to look up to Natalie Breez as a role model. After training was completed, She was assigned to Beta Team.

Breakout Involvement

Flutter was not upgraded for the Breakout and was sent out after minor villains. She managed to get quite a collection of confiscated villain weapons which she stored in her quarters as trophies and occasional back-ups.

Brain Attack 

Flutter was in Makuhero City at the time of the Breakout and was upgraded only with the basics of the upgrades created for that incident, causing her to complain about being shafted in comparison to heroes like Johnson Rivet. However, this did not quell her temper and many creatures found their Brains ripped out and shot by Flutter's arsenal.

Project Rebuild

Flutter was selected to be the testbed for much of the 4.0 upgrade's tech, to her delight. Her upgrades came in handy when she was attacked by a berzerk Meltdown and Thunder, managing to defeat both with minimal injuries sustained.


  • Flutter was a winged white and blue armored hero with a red hero core in all iterations.
  • Her original iteration had a targeting scope with HUD along with multiple other head-mounted tools.
  • When the Brain Attack commenced, she was given a visor and Hero Core Clamps to protect her.
  • Her first major appearance change came with the 4.0, giving her a second pair of wings and rounded shoulder pads.

Abilities and Traits

Flutter is a hero who is quick to anger, usually to the point of harming that which has offended her. She usually responds to romantic advances with brutal beatings, keeping most of her potential suitors at bay. However, this incredible anger is tempered with a love of nature, dedication to her role as a Hero and a conscience that takes the form of "What would Natalie do?". 

She is also equipped with the same experimental program as Breez, allowing her to communicate with animals. 


In her 2.0 and Brain Attack forms, She wielded the standard issue Multifunctional Ice Shield equipped with twin Electrolasers, allowing her to send electric punishment at foes.

After her upgrade to 4.0, Flutter carries a Mass Driver Launcher, a shoulder-mounted Plasma Gun and a heavily modified Power Sword.