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Frost Beast
Abominable Snow Man/creature species

Brain Factory


Ice Blade, claw




Makuro Streets

The Frost Beast is a creature that dwells in icy biomes, and is usually tranquil. During the events of the Brain Attack, several Frost Beasts were infected and attacked Makuhero city.


Before Infection

These creatures were on the planet Shard. Frost Beasts were propagandized that the planet was melting and they cannot swim even though they clearly can. They were considered "abominable snowmen" and tend to hunt fish in packs. They fight for mates and commonly attack people who trespass their territory. Usually, whenever there was a superior Frost Beast and usually drank an unknown fluid to make them much larger and much stronger.


When the brains came they became covered with red spikes so they can destroy the Makuro Streets. These creature  doubled in size and went to the pods were the brains came in to invade. Some attacked the alpha Frost Beasts and became hulking beings. Many of the Frost Beasts attacked Stormer. They were all formidable opponents but Hero Factory defeated all of them. When the alphas attacked, they were substantially larger than the heroes and defeated many of them. Eventually, the Alphas were defeated, too.


Pre infection

Basic claws.


Mandibles, ice claws and frost blade.


Strength: 16
Agility: 9
Toughness: 9
Mind: 0


  • Frost Beasts are the unofficial name. Brain Attack was the first time any one saw them and lived. Scientists are still figuring out what the creatures should be called.

Brain Type

Light blue brain.