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G Type Hero

Hero Factory


Quaza Bow and Arrow, Dual Blades





From the Alternate Reality of the Gamma Universe of G-Rocka comes G-Breez. After the invasion of Heero Slayer G-Breez went through intense training with other Heroes left in Makuhero City to prepare for the return of the galaxy's greatest threat.


Similar to the canon universe, G-Breez was created in the Assembly Tower and trained to be one of the greatest Heroines of Hero Factory.  During the invasion of the Outer Rim Villains led by Heero Slayer, G-Breez was returning from a mission when she receive the distress signal from Makuhero City.  She arrived too late to find many of her fellow heroes slain by the villains.

She vowed to train hard to prepare for Heero Slayer's return.  She offered to accompany G-Rocka to train at the Outer Rim out of concern for his safety.  G-Rocka declined her proposal to focus on his training.  

When G-Rocka returned from his training, Gamma Squad was formed to lead the counter strike of Heero Slayer's impending villain invasion.


Bow and Arrow Quaza Shooter - Aside from being an bow, it is equiped with blades for any oncoming attackers closing in for close combat.

Dual Blades - The dual blades are used for melee attacks.  The blades are made of the same alloy as G-Rocka's Swords as a gift from the Outer Rim.  The blades can channel Quaza energy capable of cutting enemies down to size.

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