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Gaige Digital
Experimental Hero

Hero Factory


Ghost Mode(Currently),Ghost Gauntlet(Formerly),Sentry(Formerly),Gun Box(Currently).




Makuhero City

Gaige Digital is a Hero in the service of Hero Factory.


Gaige is an experimental hero, so like any other hero she was created in the Assembly Tower, but after a few tests Hero Factory discovered her big talent: engineering and programming.

Straight after her secret was revealed, Gaige was put into EX14, where she met her new teammates who would become her friends. When the group asked of her talent Gaige created a sentry gun in 20 minutes flat. Days after moving in with her new team she was taken to train with Becca and Tom, two disciplined veterans in her team. On pretty much every occasion the two would shout at her because they would find her programming or building some machine when she should have been fighting AI dummies.

One day during a training session something unexpected happened. As they were fighting the AI enemies Gaige fell to the floor. However it wasn't Gaige, it was only her body. Just then, one of the bots started to destroy his companion, then the bot said "Did you see me just kick that tin can's butt!?" to Becca and Tom, in Gaige's Voice!

The two bodies where rushed to R & D to be looked at immediately. Somehow Gaige's mind had left her body and gone into the training robot instead. When Steve couldn't understand it, the situation was explained as basically ghost-like possession, only the ghost had body to return to. Gaige was stuck in R & D as the factory's top scientists tried to work out how to put her into her old body. Finally they found a way by discovering the trigger to activating her Ghost mode. The reason she had transferred was because of her battle attitude. So when she got into a fight she would trigger defensive/offensive power which was her Ghost mode.

After working it out they were able to get Gaige back into a training sphere to fight and now that she knew what she was doing, she could move herself back into her body and gave the training bots a good beating.

Weeks later she was called back to R & D to be given something to prevent her Ghost mode from activating unexpectidely. They chopped off her lower right arm to put in a blue, purple and yellow arm with a special power. It was called the Ghost Gauntlet, and it stopped her from releasing her ghost from her body. The extra part allowed her to still create sentrys and trap enemies in 'gravity wells' (big blue balls of energy)

She was last seen in her mission bay before the events of Downfall.


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