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"I am cammander of all Demons, king of all Dark Makers."
Garfield Zug






Garfield Zug was a former scientist working for Hero Factory, until one of his experiments went horribly wrong and mutated him.


Early Life

Back when he was a normal person, Zug was married to a hero, and they had a son together. He studied how to control the elements like fire, gravitiy and so on. One day his experiment mutated him into an unimaginable creature, ultimately changing his life forever.


After being mutated, Zug thought of himself only as a demon. He'd become so convinced that he once tried to kill his wife and kidnap his own son. He was later banished by an ancient hero to another dimension. Six years later he was accidentally released and went to a hunt for an unknown cause.

Family Members



Strength: 200
Agility: 200
Toughness: 200
Mind: 200


  • Even though Kelly Blizzard married Zug, she still kept her last name Blizzard
  • He is double jointed, and can defy the laws of gravity
  • He is almost as strong as Discarded Armor