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Gary Walker



Power Saw, first-aid kit




Wiki Metru

Gary Walker is a member of the 19th Patrol Team.


Gary was one of thirty heroes initially recruited for the revival of Hero Factory's Patrol Team Program. He was assigned to the 19th Patrol Team, along with fellow teammate Anthony Vision and four other chosen heroes.

The 19th Patrol Team

The 19th Patrol Team was assigned to the sector known as Wiki Metru, an empire spanning at least four different medium-sized planets. While the Wiki Metru Empire is not unfriendly towards the Hero Factory, as it is in a location that would normally take too long for heroes to arrive fast enough in an emergency. Wiki Metru is also located close to another sector that is not friendly towards outside influence among it's civilians, including the Hero Factory.

Gary and Anthony are, quite possibly, the only original members still active in the 19th Patrol, with around seven other members that have been recruited since its formation.


Gary Walker uses a Power Saw for rescuing civilians and repairing damage after a fight. He's also an experienced field medic, and is often the one referred to if someone needs immediate medical attention.