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"If I take this, then modify this sentence, and take it trough the Swahili Decoder, then: Voila!"
―Numbers talking while doing a decoding process
Numbers (3)

Hero Factory Earth Department


PDA, High-advanced Goggles, Longsword





Gerard Numbers on missions referred to as Numbers, was the Computer-whiz of the Hero factory Earth department.


Gerard Numbers was originally designed as a hero for missions against robots. After he was placed at the Earth Department, his knowledge was commonly used for computer and technology-related problems. Despite his impressive mind, he was not taken on missions often, mainly due to his inexperienced fighting skills. He is, however, an important part of them, as the Cam-Sattelites orbiting around Earth are mainly controlled and managed by him. With them, he can give the hero teams information about danger and strategies.

Abilities and Traits

Gerard is known as a tall, aged hero. He knows a lot about solving problems, computer-wise or not. He has many years of experience, and still fights fairly decent in a battle. However, against Von Nebula's henchman, he was still not strong and agile enough a competitor.

He is someone to trust, and is also a worthy hero to have on a team.


Gerard carries a longsword, a Number-PDA (a special PDA for highly advanced math formulas and decoding), and a pair of highly-advanced Goggles, which uses technology to enhance vision and help aim with more precision.


  • Gerard Numbers was slightly inspired by Vagra Nui Tales, and his knowledge of computers