Ghost Team
Headquarters Hero Factory
Leader Ethan Goldshadow
Goal Capture Villains
Status Disbanded, Destroyed
Allies Unknown
Enemies Villains
"Heroes, more like losers."
―Unknown villain to Ghost team
"Ghost team, huddle up!"
Ethan Goldshadow

The Ghost team was a hero team of which all members were killed by villains.


The team was founded by Draco Trident. He transferred to the Hero Recon Team for specific reasons, and was replaced by Ethan Goldshadow. The rest of the team was killed by a monstrous villain. Only one member survived, the team leader, who supposedly left his teammates to die. As for the other members, not much more was known about their fate.


  • Draco Trident (Formerly)
  • Ethan Goldshadow (Leader)
  • John Von Kraisen (Deceased)
  • Rick Slizermast (Deceased)


  • Ethan Goldshadow (leader) - Left his team to die. He met the nightwalker in a mask that possessed him, and became evil.
  • Draco Trident (founder) - Transferred to another team. Draco disappeared because he was recruited by the Hero Recon Team. Akiyama Makuro treated him as a son.
  • John Von Kraisen (deceased) -  Tactician and the second to die. He was a former friend of Evo .
  • Rick Slizermast (deceased) - Rookie and the first one to die. He was mockingly called the Proto-Stormer because he acted like Preston Stormer. He was also in love with Natalie Breez.
  • Nathan Evo - he was also once a member  of the team, but after the death of Stormer he was forced into exile.