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Goron II
Goron II

Earth Federation






Somewhere in the EF's sphere of control

Goron II is a forest planet that is owned by the Earth Federation.


Only twenty five years ago, the EF laid claim to the planet, and named it Goron II, after it's big brother planet. Since then, the EF has been building cities and industrializing the place, using the planet's rich resources to fulfill needs elsewhere. Monuments and ancient war vehicles were found, leading to the belief that someone had lived here before, but had wiped each other out, possibly before travel to other planets was possible. Recently, it was found that a crime syndicate had formed a base deep in one of the many forests of the planet, and the EF is preparing to destroy the base.


The planet is 47.8% forest, 33.4% water, 0.6% swamp and bog and 0.2% cities and civilization. The trees grow at an amazing rate, and are almost everywhere, except in the two oceans of the planet. It has a distinct lack of hills and valleys, having either flat forested land or giant forested mountains.


  • Humans