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Gray Lord
A horrible monster

The White One


ouble-Slice Blades, Self-Made weapons, Stinger, Mild Hypnotism




Hero Factory Prison Center

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The Gray Lord is an outcast mutant Koranor who works with the criminal Zobort.


The Gray Lord lived on planet Krebar-7 without a known name. He was created with two extra arms and Blade-Blasters on his back. This made him very different from other members of his species, and forced him to become outcast of the Koranors. Gray Lord attempted to overthrow the Koranean using a small army he had assembled. It was here that he gave himself the title Gray Lord. When the attempt failed, Gray Lord was exiled to a small, barren planet. From there, he made a fake distress call to Hero Factory. When the heroes arrived, he ambushed them and stole their ship. Gray Lord then made himself known by going on a crime spree across the galaxy.

The H Team

At some point, Gray Lord met the reputable Zobort and joined forces with him.


The Gray Lord can use mild hypnotism, meaning that victims usually do not stay hypnotized for very long. He can also split into two beings for more agility.


The Gray Lord uses two double-slice blades, which are large blades with smaller blades on the back. Two Custom-Made made weapons one of which seems to be a very large, blade with a small blade attached to the side, and the other seems to be a curved blade with a claw connected to the side. The Gray Lord also uses his natural Blade-Blasters and tail stinger.



  • The H Team