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Guinevere One
Type: IEA Aurosian Operations, K-Class
Created by: Auros
Mentions: Allies of the Night

Guinevere One was a manned Aurosian space shuttle that was sent to explore the Corellia System.



The Guinevere One space shuttle was designed twenty-seven years ago under funding of the Intergalactic Environmental Agency (NEA), which intended to explore the Corellia System in hopes of surveying the hostility of the various different atmospheres on alien planets.
Additionally, the craft was equipped with state of the art rockets and sensors.


A crew of eleven Aurosians manned the space craft on its voyage through the Corellia System. However, after the space craft malfunctioned, it was forced to land on the planet Orcus, the fifth planet in the system. All members of the crew were assumed dead.


Name Role Status
Gamel Captain Unknown
Lieutenant Sharma Unknown Unknown, assumed deceased
Lepak Senior Technician Unknown
Heeva Unknown Unknown
Faroka Unknown Unknown
Three missing unnamed crew members Unknown Unknown, assumed deceased
Remaining three unnamed crew members Unknown Unknown


Guinevere One was named after the Doctor Who space probe, which featured in the episode DW: The Christmas Invasion.