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Hal Daze

Hero Factory: Halix-4 Team


two-pronged spark spear, double spark blaster, wrist switch-blade, energized staff




Hero Factory

Hal Daze is the veteran leader of the Halix-4 team of Hero Factory. He is known for his humour and laid back personality, not to mention his impressive knowledge of weapons.


Hal was not built in the Assembly Tower of Hero Factory. He was actually created in a nearby lab in Makuhero city.
Hero Factory MOC Hal Daze

Hero Factory MOC Hal Daze

In his early years, Hal worked as a solo test rookie for joint operations between Hero Factory and the lab from which he was created. Eventually he was fully inducted into the factory, placed on a team of novices. That team later developed into the current Halix-4 Team, with Daze as the leader.



Brain Attack


Abilities and Traits

Daze is a natural born leader, even though others don't quite accept his humorous ways. He often cracks jokes to lighten the mood, or any time really. He has many friends, and also enjoys acrobatics.


In his first form (2.0) and 3.0 form, Hal wore plain armour collared green, black and white, with his own personal touches of red pieces. For his Breakout form, he went all out, giving himself a full re-coat of red, green and white. When he was upgraded into an XL hero, he wore the same armour, but with a few modifications to fit his new size.


Daze has been equipped with multiple weapons and accessories to suit his numerous forms. As a 2.0 and 3.0 hero, he used a two-pronged spark spear, used mainly for stunning and melee attacking. During the Breakout he used a double spark blaster resembling his original tool. His helmet was also modified and he was given a new wrist switch-blade. As an XL hero, he wielded an energized staff used for beating down enemies and swatting away obstacles.


  • Daze was the second of OonieCacola's entries for the CHFW Christmas Contest
  • It is unknown what has become of the lab Daze was created in
  • He was good friends with Nick Boost in his rookie days