Hexabium Blade
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Deflecting blows, delivering second degree burns


In use


On heroes

The Hexabium Blade is a melee weapon derived from Hex Energy technology.


Mass-produced for time operators and regular heroes alike following the discovery of the retrograde quark, this weapon's proper name is a "phase blade". At some point, Seras Anemone accidentally left her weapon behind when returning to her proper time and it was recovered by Hero Factory janitor drones. The R&D department eventually reverse-engineered and nicknamed the blade "Hexabium", on account of the generation of Heroes it originally came from. Seras and the future Hero Factory have become aware of this blip in the timestream, but that doesn't stop the irrepressible time operator from purposely leaving tidbits of tech from the far future behind when she visits the past.


Initially developed to combat the villains that broke out of prison en masse and the Brains invading Makuhero City, Hex Energy is known to use the technology known as "localized radiant energy particles" (LREP), which form a broad but nonetheless lightweight, quasi-holographic energy construct, most often used in shields. Many years later, this technology was re-purposed for close combat weapons. Rectangular in shape, the plasmatic qualities of this weapon enable the user to parry and repel melee attacks with reduced recoil. Moreover, the weapons is designed to deactivate if it is at risk of dealing a lethal injury, instead delivering minor burns to an animate target.

Known Users