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The Hydra is a mystical dragon that was infected during the Brain Attack. 


The Hydra was a normal, peaceful dragon until it was attacked by seven Brains all at once. When the Brains possessed the Hydra, it was given seven different elemental powers. It took a while to do so, but a Hero was able to get all the Brains off of the Hydra, and the dragon went back to where it lived.

Abilities and Traits

All heads can shoot out lasers from their mouths.

Head No.1

This head can make a dark fog; it can also shoot spikes out of its mouth.

Head No.2

This head can conjure earthquakes just by touching the ground. It can also make and use giant boulders as shields to protect itself. It can make the ground and rocks near it into anything it wants.

Head No.3

This head can control and manipulate water; this head cannot be stopped unless head number five goes up against it.

Head No.4

This head can control the wind, blowing away its enemies, and making a tornado.

Head No.5

This head can control fire, bringing forth lava, burning objects and other things.

Head No.6

This head can control powers of the forest, like grass, trees, and so on. This is one of the strangest heads because the Hydra lives in caves.

Head No.7

This head can control and manipulate sand; it can also transform it into rocks for the second head.

Elemental Powers

  1. Purple-Darkness
  2. Grey-Earth
  3. Blue-Water
  4. Light Blue-Sky
  5. Red-Fire
  6. Green-Forest
  7. Yellow-Sand


Strength: 30
Agility: 20
Toughness: 90
Mind: 0


  • The Hydra is like Dragon Bolt.
  • The Hydra originally started with one head.
  • The Hydra was based off of a beast from Greek mythology with the same name.
  • If one of the Hydra's heads are cut off, two more grow back in its place.
  • All seven heads must work together in order to survive.