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IG Blaster
Bronze (2)

Hero-Cuffing, shooting, shooting ziplines.


In use


Mostly Kelvin Bronze`s arm


The IG Blaster was one of the Intelligent Gun systems, allowing it to create mathematical formulas to automatically calculate range and power. It also allowed it to lock its sights onto a target without the user needing to do anything.

The gun was designed so one could fit a pair of Hero-Cuffs, a couple of grenades or a zipline inside. Projectiles would be loaded in via a special magazine that could be inserted behind the normal one. The gun would fire from this magazine until it was emptied.

The systems inside allowed this version to be filled with Hero-Cuffs, grenades of various types, and also a zipline. The projectiles would be loaded in the special magazine included behind the normal one. This would, once loaded, by the standard until it is empty.

Known Users


  • I only spent 15 to 30 minutes making the gun, the spent the rest of the day upgrading it.