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"This is one bad machine!"
Drew Avious

Combat, Stealth


In use.


HF Outpost X3

The IONex is a fast vehicle, designed for combat with multiple other vehicles. As it's name describes, it has ION canons, and an ION drive.


The IONex was created by Dr. Raven Su, at M.U.R.F. for use by a designated pilot at Hero Factory. It was built with capabilities of picking-up the vapor trails of other ship and using them to refuel in the air. It has six ION canons capable of charging a blast that's so powerful it's radius is wide enough, to take out three small drop ships. It's Stealth sheet let's it blend in with any background. After it's perfection Drew Avious was assigned to use it.

Shocker Dogfight

Avious used the IONex to escort Daniel Shocker with cargo needed at HF. They ran into a swarm of 60 Ado, during which each diverted 30 from the other, with Avious defeating his group with this machine & Shocker using a Drop Ship to deal with the others.