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The Illegal Tradeoff of Hero Weapons is a system designed by Villains in which Hero weapons and tools are copied and used for evil purposes.


The system was first started by the Fire Lord, who designed his massive Lava Blaster to be similar to the Dual Fire Shooter that Furno posessed in his original 1.0 form. The weapon was actually much more powerful then Furno's.

Two years later, the shark-like Villain Jawblade took advantage of the system by developing his own version of Furno's original weapon - Magma Blades. They were simply Furno's weapon, and the only differences were that they were much hotter and they were also divided in half. Furno's weapon has been widely-copied throughout the universe due to its "interesting" design.

Speeda Demon also copied part of Furno 1.0's arsenal. He copied the Furno Bike designs to make the Nitro-Rocket bike. 

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