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Infurno is a Dark Hero, with a design and colour scheme similar to his counterpart hero, William Furno.



Infurno was originally an egg-like power-canister, which found its way onto the doorstep of the Hero Factory. Seeing as the first object the energy came into contact with (Zib) was artificial intelligence, it's power became Red Data. It began, in Zib's body, to create it's first form. Upon Furno entering the room, it noticed the Hero's strength and skill, and chose that as his first form, and as soon as that thought entered his mind, a pure red Furno look-alike was brought into being. As Furno came at Zib, the Virus left Zib and inserted itself into the shell, and manifested itself as Negative Quaza, and became the shell's power source.


Infurno's second form was actually a Hero Recon Agent prototype, which was to be named Jay Smight, as he was to be the ultimate Hero. Infurno was actually quite reluctant to assume this form. Before the Core was inserted, Infurno took control of the Tower, and modified the shell. He then took control of it.


This was Infurno's first self-conducted upgrade, and he prided himself of it, being his best form.


Marshflare was originally meant to be a deadly 4th form that would be able to destroy Furno, but because of a malfunction, it was fused with a plant (?), and his 2.0 form. It later rebelled and, in the process, set Infurno's 2.0 free.


In his all forms he possesses the ability to turn objects into Red Data with his weapons, but unique to his 3.0 is the ability to fly with the assist of a jet pack attached to his back. His 2.0 goggles possess Data beams and laser vision, and all forms possess the ability to survive a near-fatal attack by converting into a burst of Data which is shaped like a Hero Core.


  • Infurno is made of data, which allows him to infect robots and technology.
  • Infurno is, in truth, a malicious computer virus.
  • He hates everything Furno likes, except for a strong compassion for Breez.
  • His name is actually a play on the words inferno and his counterpart's name, Furno.
  • He is one of four Dark Heroes, including Gustt, Volt, and Snowstormer