J0J0 Digital

Hero factory


Psionics, "Ignition core", Formerly: Telekinetic "Tractor" Vision, rotor blades




Makuhero city

J0j0 Digital is a hero created as the result of an abrupt fusion and seperation.



Unlike most heroes, J0j0 was brought into being after two heroes (Gaige Digital and Jymyma Kadrex) were fused together during an assault on the armada that attacked Makuhero City, during the Downfall. Making it inside the supposed flag ship of the attack, a swift take-over allowed the pair proceeded to the bridge of the ship, only to walk into the trap and get locked inside. Soon, a mysterious figure approached, and fired a beam from his weapon, hitting the two heroes and creating a monstrous artificial XL hero. Insane,the fusion began to attack and run rampant,and the figure abruptly defused them. However, during the separation, there was an anomaly. This anomaly resulted in J0j0, a distinct entity from the original pair.


After being created, J0j0 aided in the escape of the "flagship", before the other cruisers opened fire on it. When brought back to the Hero Factory, it's scientists ran tests on her to discover how she came into being, along with any other powers.

After these tests were run, she was sent into training like any other hero. After months of training, mission control believed she was ready to be sent on her first mission.