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Judgement Unit11

Project Judgement


Arm Cannon, Flame Sword, Razor Blade Shield, launchers


Alive, possessed


Tama 9

The Hero Factory Judgement Unit #11 (JU-11) is a Hero Judgement Unit, ilegally created by a small faction within the Hero Recon Team, led by Dr. Maria Dinamis.


Like all Judgement Units, Unit 11 was illegally created in The Purple Comet as part of the Project Judgement.

Unit 11 was one of the few that survived the station's destruction, while possesed by the mutant Brain Diguxx. However, Diguxx would later leave control of the Judgement Unit in favor of a Tamani Scout. The unit was then possesed by another Brain, who now acts as Diguxx's right-hand man.

Abilities and Traits

Like all Judgement Units, Unit 11 was programmed to do justice at all costs. However, its programming often conflicts with the softer personality of its Hero Core.

Unit 11 is equipped with Gravity armor, designed to withstand extreme conditions and negate gravitational effects such as the vacuum of space.



JU-11 Blueprints

Unit 11 has an Arm Cannon equipped in its right arm that fires a large explosive sphere of energy that temporarily stuns whomever it hits. Also, the weapon has the ability to access various weapons systems by quickly changing its configuration.

The Flame Sword equipped in the unit's left arm uses heat energy to cut anything, and its shield has diamond-like toughness.

Unit 11’s mask contains a powerful 3D imager system that uses lasers to analyse the surroundings and give a visual sense as complete organic lifeforms have. Special visors modules need to be installed in the mask to increase its visual ranges to include Thermal vision and X-Ray vision.

Unit 11 also has a supplementary Energy Tank, allowing all weapon systems to function properly, and two launchers on its back that produce disks of energy to attack enemies.