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"Shhh...We don't want them to know that we are here, Fire."
―Jake Bulk whispering to Zane Fire, Trails of fire
Jake Bulk






Jake Bulk was made a few days after Dunkan Bulk. Aside from having strength as great as Bulk's, he is also wiser than Dunkan and has great fighting skills.


Jake Bulk was made a few days after Dunkan Bulk and was made as the brother model to him. As he was a rookie, he had to go and train. Eventually, he gained veteran status in Hero Factory and was ranked among the top hundred heroes.

During the Breakout and the recovery of the escaped criminals, he was upgraded and joined the Backup Team, which was lacking sufficient numbers at the time. As part of that team, he participated in two missions, nicknamed "Trails of Fire" and "Rocks Fall", which involved the capture of Vocanus and Rockmus, respectively.

His most recent upgrade was during the Brain Attack, when he had his laser shooter upgraded (where the missile launcher was replaced by a gun). His shoulder jets were added to allow him to assist in the capture of Dragon Bolt.

These are Jake Bulk's teammates:

  • Tim Blast: Leader of Backup Team
  • Shaun Burst: The hero who used to be a villain.
  • Zane Fire: A former undercover hero working for Daz (a MOC made by Blazingturtle31).

Abilities and Traits

Like Dunkan Bulk, he has immense strength. He also possesses the ability to manipulate metals.


Quite similar to that of Bulk, yet much calmer and more intellectual. 


  • Laser shooter with missile launcher: This gun is the same as Breakout Bulk's.
  • Plasma gun: Last seen on Breakout heroes. So far, only Blast and Jake Bulk have this gun in their Brain Attack forms.
  • Metal sphere shooter: This gun shoots both streams and liquid metal shaped into a spherical form.



Maximum stats of 20.

Strength: 20
Agility: 19
Toughness: 20
Mind: 12