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Jake Draco
Mega 3 Team 011



Blade (mutated), Electro Pike (formerly), staff of energy (mutated, formerly), fire breath




Hero Factory Jail

Mega 3 Team 011

Draco (as the Maku Dragon) firing his flame breath


Draco was hand-picked for the Mega 3 Team along with Quintin Quake. But, as he was ambitious, he rebelled against his team. He was defeated by Chris Claw, the Mega 3 Team Leader at the time, who threw him in a vat of chemical toxins. Somehow he survived, but was horribly mutated into a monster. He decided to become a criminal, taking the name 'Maku Dragon'. He was later defeated by Mega 3 Team again and is currently in jail.

Weapons and Abilities

Draco as a hero had a blade and a staff of energy. The staff was capable of sending energy blasts at opponents. As the Maku Dragon, his blade was mutated to be sharper than thought possible. He later abandoned his Staff and took an electro pike. As the "Maku Dragon", he was capable of breathing fire.


  • Staff of energy
  • Staff of energy (upgraded)
  • Electro Pike