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Jake Vend






"Well, this should be interesting."
―Jake Vend, shortly before getting a briefing from Preston Stormer. [src]

Jake Vend is a Hero of the Hero Factory.


Jake Vend, shortly after being made by the HF, was assigned to the team Taris 2.

Formerly in a team of four, Jake spent several years doing simple missions after his team mates died in an engagement during the Natov-Cherak war. He was encouraged by Preston Stormer to train hard in the training simulators, so that if the time ever came when he had a real mission, he would be ready.

Recently, he was assigned to a new team called the Cobalt squad, and after a short briefing with General Gilben and having his armor and weapons heavily upgraded, was sent to a ship that would take him on his first mission with his new team. Using a Verisian V-10 Cruiser to arrive there, he is currently on the planet Goron II with his team to finish their mission.

Personality and Traits

Jake seems to be very humanistic, despite being designed for battle. He has a genuine concern for his team mates, and was scarred for life by the death of his old team. He also wants to be considered a real person rather than a menial duty robot, so he prefers to think of himself as sleeping when deactivated, resting when recharging at the "quick charge" energy tower, and so on.

Jake also seems to have changed how he acts towards other people after his team died, as he is less receptive and prefers to avoid close friendships.

Weapons and Abilities

Jake has a powerful machine gun with multiple rotating barrels in a circular pattern and a long central barrel. The central barrel can generate a very powerful blast, with proportional recoil. His gun can fire lethal rounds in the form of class 2 and class 1 ammunition, or can be loaded with class 6 stun rounds, allowing him to choose between killing and disabling his opponents.

Jake's rotating machine gun

His helmet has a fully fledged HUD, connected to his gun, allowing him to change its settings without requiring him to broadcast constantly, which would make a hero susceptible to stray electromagnetic fields. It also sports a range finder, camera, and communications device.

As a Hero designed specifically for combat, Jake is strong, tough, agile and has good strategic programming.


Although his armor was originally an aquamarine and green color, interspersed with a sort of metallic blue-gray, it is has been changed to dark green and black for his new mission.


"I did not share the hint of an old story's second thought."
―Jake Vend, Blades