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James Black
James Black

Covert-Ops Recon Team




On Mission


Delta Quadrant (Exact location confidential)

James Black is a hero who was created in the assembly tower as normal, but several unique upgrades were added to him. These upgrades allowed James to reach new heights as a field operative, but the Hero Factory thought he would be too much of a threat if placed under normal regulations. As a result, they placed him in the Covert Operations Recon team, a branch of the Hero Recon Team. He is currently active, searching the Delta Quadrant of normal galactic space methodically for signs of new, potentially dangerous villains.


James Black was created in a new, experimental process; a special segment of code was added to his Hero Core. This code and the associated hardware enabled him to temporarily vanish as desired. Several side-effects were caused by this; if he found himself in extreme danger or emotional distress, it would also activate. Other upgrades included the addition of two extra arms on his back, along with some advanced sensors located in a visor for better navigation. His "normal" fists were replaced with a set of claws for close-range defense.


James was added to a Rookie Hero Team, with those responsible for Hero placement hoping that this would grant him the capabilities necessary for leadership. They were wrong. James only caused trouble, bragging about his strength, stating that he was better than his teammates.


Dr. James Drader

Recon Training

He was then sent him to Recon Training, with three other outcast Heroes. He was trained by a small and intelligent organic lifeform by the name of James Drader. He put the heroes under his command under continuous and exhausting training, making them more capable than any other Recon Team members around.

Covert-Ops Recon Force

James and the others were given a position as a new Rookie Recon team; the Covert Operations Recon Force. Dr. Drader was the head of this team, and remains as such to this day. James was given a position as a normal member of the Recon Team, but declined, stating "This is my team; these are my friends. We stay together no matter what."


Maximum value is 25.

Strength: 20
Agility: 15
Toughness: 22
Mind: 19


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