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Jared Pulse
Jared Pulse

Hero Factory


Pulse Blaster




Makuhero City

Jared Pulse (also known as Pulse) is a veteran hero created by the Hero Factory.


Jared Pulse was created about thirteen years ago, at the Hero Factory headquarters in Makuhero City. During his initial charge however, there was a malfunction in the Quaza chamber, which gave him unnatural durability, strength, stamina, and amplified his sences. He was placed in a team led by legendary hero, George Blast. For two years, Pulse served under Blast, and eventualy became his second-in-command.

During a heated battle with Von Nebula's minions, Blast was slain, along with all the other members of his team, except for Pulse.

For a time, Pulse went on solo missions for the Factory, until he was selected to lead the team Delta 1. He and the members of the team, Benjamin Darkslash and Oliver Flash, became a highly respected team in the Hero Factory, going on several famous missions for the Factory. During one of their missions, Flash was captured by Von Nebula, and turned to evil.

Not knowing this however, Pulse and Darkslash searched for Flash for more than a year, but when they found him, they were too late, and were almost killed by Flash, or how he was from then on known, Bloodshed. A few years ago, he recruited a new hero to the team, Matthew Chillblaze. 

Even more recently, a new rookie was recruited, who was named Allen Neon. Immediately his smart-elic and wisecracking attitude got on Pulse's and all the other member's nerves, but seeing Neon's potential, they kept him.

Pulse is currently training at Hero Factory headquarters in Makuhero City.

Abilities and Traits

Jared Pulse is kind, couragous, and would never back down from a fight. He sometimes has trouble trusting heroes he doesn't know. He hates being disrespected, especialy by rookies.

On his original team, he developed a crush on Ashley Flux, one of it's members. However she was killed in the battle with Von Nebula before he was able to tell her how he fellt. He has also become best friends with Benjamin Darkslash.

As a result of the malfunction at his creation, Pulse was gifted with durability, streingth, and stamina unnusual of Hero Factory heroes. He also had his five sences enhanced by the event.


Pulse carries Pulse Blaster, with a scope attached, which allows him to fire bursts of intense energy, who's blast amplifies over the time in motion. He also has a jetpack strapped to his back. On his helmet, he has a light, and headset attached, which can allow him to communicate with other heroes within a fifty mile radius.


Strength: 16
Agility: 17
Toughness: 18
Mind: 14


  • Jared Pulse was created by Jareroden97, and is his Hero Factory SelfMOC.