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"Listen, Zib, I'm not retiring 'till something breaks my legs off and Boz can't put 'em back together, 'K?"
―Jeff Incas
Jeff Incas
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Jeff Incas was a member of Eta Team and is the oldest Hero still operating.


Jeff Incas was one of the first Heroes to be built. On a mission to the planet Kadota, he was cornered by the rouge hero named Ian Hunter, who had destroyed his ship, escaped, and eventually had gone on to become Core Hunter.


When Matthew Flash went on a mission to Kadota, he went into a cave and was cornered by Incas, who believed Flash to be a follower of Hunter back to finish Incas off. Incas realized that Flash was not a villain, and came with him to the Factory.


During the Brain Attack, Jeff fought nobly, but was killed by Dragon Bolt.


Incas was somewhat grumpy, and always had an opinion about changes to the Heroes' built. He never directly disobeyed Von Ness's orders, but did give advice to the young team leader.

Weapons And Tools

Incas wielded a Dual Plasma Rifle, and magna-boots, allowing him to attach to any metal surface.