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Jeo-Jeo is a hero with the power of the lion who loves hunting down villains.


Jeo-Jeo got his name from a group of heroes that made fun of him in his youth, because he was quite weak. He was tired of being called weak, considering the other heroes were right. He went to the Assembly Tower and got new armor, and went to train everyday from then on. After long days of training, he learned two important aspects of being a hero: hunting villains, and catching them! His days of being insulted by others caused him to grow into the respected hero he is today. His best friends include Rocka, Nex, Stringer, Hawk eye and bushy.

Abilities and Traits

Jeo-Jeo loves to hunt, all the time. Whether he's hunting down villains, or friends in games, he's always up for a hunt.  Most times, he will support and feel for others, especially when they have experienced times he could relate to.