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Kara Sting
Kara Hero
Kara Sting

Dart Team (Arukyuriverse)
Dart Team (Lightningverse)


Knife (Formerly), Shooter (Formerly), Naginata, Red Blade, Buzz Shield




Makuhero City (Arukyuriverse)

Kara Sting is the Arukyuriverse version of Wasp.


Early Life

Kara Waspix

Kara as a Waspix.

Kara's back story is the same as Wasp's, except the Arukyuriverse's Gary was never turned into Nery.


During a mission a shot that would have killed her was blocked by Crystal, killing her instead. Angered by the loss Kara ended up severely wounding the three villains they were facing, she would have killed them if she wasn't stopped by the rest of the team. She eventually fell into a deep depression and later donned armor similar to Crystal's.

Abilities and Traits

She usually stays isolated from everyone, depressed by the loss of Crystal.


Kara originally used a knife and a shooter, but later got a Naginata. Crystal left Kara her Red Blade upon her death. Kara was later given the Lightningverse's Crystal's Buzz Shield. Unlike Wasp, Kara does use her stinger on others.


  • Loss
  • Competition

  • Escape


  • She is named after Kara Zor-El and the fact that she is an alternate universe version of an existing character was inspired by Kara Zor-L.
  • She is the only female member of Dart Team with larger shoulder armor.
  • Originally Crystal was supposed to be fused with Kara, not killed, although she would have died shortly after.
    • This is also the reason her head is blue.
  • The whole idea of Crystal dying came from the fact that for some reason Rec wanted some sort of tragedy to happen to Wasp, he later realized that the worst thing that could happen would be for her to lose Crystal.
  • The original concept of Kara was that she was a clone of Wasp made by Von Nebula, using the DNA leftover from the Humanification Project.
  • It is unknown if she has a helmet that resembles a Waspix, or if it is her actual head.
  • She is currently the only symmetrical member of Dart Team.
  • Her naginata was inspired by P3P.
  • Despite Kara and Wasp technically being the same person, they have a few differences:
    • Kara had a full name as a Waspix.
    • Kara's color scheme is the opposites of Wasp's as a Hero.
    • Kara has different wings and a smaller stinger.
    • Kara kept all four of her arms after her transformation.
    • Kara is right handed while Wasp is left handed.

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