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―Kary Cerebrum
Karaleinne Cerebrum
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Karaleinne Cerebrum, or just simply Kary, (pronounced KARE-uh-line) was a Hero created during the Savage Planet missions, and then subsequently transferred to the Tau-4 during the Brain Attack. She has been in the team ever since.


Before Brain Attack

The circumstances of Kary's creation are wreathed in mystery. It's all really cloak-and-dagger. The files pertaining to her creation are all either encrypted or destroyed. Only one person within the Hero Factory has full access to these files: Akiyama Makuro. In fact, it was him who specifically ordered the creation of Kary.

There are some known hard facts about Kary's initiation, however. She was created within the Assembly Tower, not Infernum, despite what rumours might say. In addition, she came into being during the Savage Planet missions.

However, the trail goes cold here. She was sent on a number of missions in the Makuhero City area, though none of them had to do with apprehending a criminal, oddly enough.

Her first combat mission was finally given to her during the middle of Breakout. She was assigned alongside Caine Tungsten, then his normal self, Dustin Cyclops, and Kaylenna Whisper. Like the files concerning Kary's creation, the mission dossiers were eventually sealed away. Only those four Heroes, along with Akiyama Makuro, know what happened during that mission. It was during this incident which began a long relationship of distrust and hate between Kaylenna and Kary. More about this will be explored in the Personality section below.

Kary was then shunted into the Tau-4 team, as per Mr. Makuro's orders, when the Brain Attack rolled along.

She has remained there ever since.

After the Brain Attack

More than a decade of faithful service to both the Tau-4 and Hero Factory.

Kary has become a formidable Hero. Lucky for Hero Factory, she a stauch defender of the defenseless and just.


Karaleinne's story, as well as the rest of the Tau-4's, will continue in the Madness Series.