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"Will be released when either the Madness Series or Home Free is started."
―Karin Soulweaver
Karin Soulweaver
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Karin Soulweaver (pronounced KARE-in) is a Dreadnaught controller Hero assigned to the Tau-4 team.


Before the Brain Attack

Karin Soulweaver was put together for a single purpose: to control and direct the Dawn Titan, the Dreadnaught that housed Thornton Conflux. Karin was created at the onset of the Brain Attack, and then put into action about two months later. She had no need for any training, as all the necessary knowledge for her role as a Hero is directly hot-wired into her. However, this by no means indicates she is "simple". Rather, having the knowledge to direct a 20-ton colossus takes quite a bit of know-how, and Karin is therefore adept at all things technological, including hacking.

Her history during the Brain Attack is short and sweet. It involves mainly on sitting on top of her assigned Dreadnaught, and being called in to assist a team in distress, not necessarily just the Tau-4.

After the Brain Attack

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Karin's life became much more complicated several years after the Attack.

During the events of Dread Not and Home Free, Karin's entire life as a Hero was at stake. She was a Dreadnaught pilot. She was created solely for that purpose, and nothing else. Without a Dreadnaught, and without her only true companion, then what is her purpose in life?

All she can do now is hope for the future. And, just perhaps, change it...

Karin's story, along with the rest of the Tau-4's, continues in the Madness Series.

Weaponry Detail

  • Dreadnaught connection wire: A huge, thick coil of technological marvels. Though it was meant to hook up to the Dawn Titan, during her years without Thornton by her side, Karin adapted it to become a whip. Over 4 feet in length, a solid inch thick, and made of metal, the connection wire becomes no ordinary whip; it more than capable of flaying both flesh and armor.
  • Forcefield generator: Karin's most feared piece of equipment. She usually manifests it as a large shield. However, she can generate forcefields to fly, as well as to fight. After Thornton left, Karin tried her hand at a combative role within her team, the Tau-4. She has learned to use her forcefields in the most devastating ways: to create vacuums, which kill targets nearly instantly; to generate forcefields in a target, ripping the being apart; you get the idea.
  • The Deja Vu Log: Karin's Log is tells the future by utilizing the past. Karin is able to turn back time about five seconds with this Log, and the Log then records what had happened in those future five seconds. More info can be found here.



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