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Katie Blade






"If I touched you, you wouldn't know what to do"
―Katie To Ryan Killshot, Martial arts training.

Katie Blade is a member of the Deltrax 7 team, and is their greatest asset.



Like most heroes Katie was born in the Assembly Tower, but the cells in her core and her body didn't match and caused a chemical reaction that makes anyone she touched feel in love with her.


Katie is armed with arm mounted swords which she is surprisingly good at using,and a seductive touch that can be used to lure villains into traps or death. In 3.0 she sports the same weapons but also is capable of flight as she sports wasp armor. Her armor is diamond plated in the middle, so she is very hard to hurt.

She trained with Ryan Killshot before she was ready for missions with the Deltrax7 team.


She is a calm and collected Hero with almost no sense of danger what so ever. She is always up for being "bait" for traps, has amazing sword skills, and has a touch that leaves any villain in a state of confusion.


  • Katie was born from a spare piece of core that was not meant for her, but for her half sister, Emilia Camshaft. However neither of the heroes know their relation yet.
  • Katie is based of someone I know. 
  • I got the idea for her from X-Men. 


Strength: 6
Agility: 9
Toughness: 4
Mind: 8
  • Blades
  • 3.0 gear
  • I can fly!