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Kaylenna Whisper






Kaylenna Whisper is a team member of the Tau-4 team, and has one of the most mysterious pasts.


Before the Brain Attack

Kaylenna Whisper was created in the Assembly Tower, that much is clear. Nobody knows when, but it is for certain that she was made before the Breakout. She has also worked along Caine Tungsten, Karaleinne Cerebrum, and Dustin Cyclops on one classified mission. Of the three members, only Kaylenna seemed "changed" after the debriefing. Ever since the mission, Kaylenna seemed to be somehow even more closed, and she was already programmed to be sealed tighter that a Swiss bank vault at night. Nobody knows why, and no one dares to ask. 

Her time with Tau-4 is much easier to record. Though not one of the leaders, she is a very experienced Hero, and has taken the role of educating the newer members. She has also formed a strong friendship with Moya Barracuda, and the two are often seen together, slaying Brains. A very healthy relationship.

After the Brain Attack


Weaponry Detail

  • Katana & Stiletto: Kaylenna NEVER leaves Hero Factory without these. Whether she carefully attaches them to her thigh and back sheathes, or sloppily runs out of Mission Control with the dagger between her teeth and the katana slung over a shoulder does not matter. These two weapons are Kaylenna's primary weapons, similar to Dustin's two swords. There seems to be nothing very special about these weapons, and not much is known about them either, as Kaylenna refuses to divulge anything about their respectives pasts, or why she is so attached to them.
  • "Butterfly"-pattern wing rig: A set of wings perfect for near-silent flying and fast gliding. It has some hovering capabilities, allowing for ambushes.
  • Stealth Carapace suit: A variant of the standard Carapace suit used by much ofthe Tau-4. Ths stealth variant is invisible to both sonar and radar, as well as thermal imaging. It is also thinner than the standard Carapace suit, allowing Kaylenna much more movement, but at the sacrifice of some armor.
  • The Murder Log: Based upon the kind of work Kaylenna typically does. That is, covert operations. It provides information about Kay's next target. More info can be found here.


Maximum value of 12.

Strength: 10
Agility: 12
Toughness: 8
Mind: 10