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Kelly Deep
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Hero Factory: Rho 3 Team






Hero Factory

Kelly Deep is a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. She is a member of the Rho 3 team.


Like all other Heroes, Kelly Deep came into being in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. Following his activation, he was integrated into the Rho 3 team, where he would receive training from one of the Elite members of the group.


Having received word that a number of systems neighboring Etamin had banned Hero Factory robots from entrance, Rho 3 team was dispatched to investigate. On Etamin II, the team was shown evidence of disastrous acts of either sabotage or incompetence on the part of Hero Factory, resulting in the destruction of a national landmark and the escape of three dangerous criminals. Zeal produced evidence that no Hero Factory teams had been dispatched to the planet before, but the worlds of the Etamin system were still prepared to support the ban. Rho 3 was given 16 hours to prove Hero Factory’s innocence.

Subsequent investigation reveals small group of malfunctioning cleaner bots who idolized Hero Factory had been claiming to be a new hero team. Their enthusiasm combined with a lack of training or intelligence resulted in their “missions” turning into disasters blamed on Hero Factory. After proving Hero Factory was not responsible for the incidents, Zeal agreed to take custody of the cleaner bots. They are now employed at the Hero Factory facility in Makuhero City. Bans on Hero Factory activity were reversed.


When all of the most dangerous villains broke loose, Deep was sent out to catch Vapor. He was equipped with a plasma gun, and a breathing apparatus. The battle was quite intense, but in the end, Deep caught and cuffed Vapour.