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"Numbers, get our equipment charged. We have a mission."
―Kelvin Bronze to Gerard Numbers
Kelvin Bronze
Bronze (3)
Earth department Hero

Hero Factory


Mineral Shield, IG Blaster





Kelvin Bronze, on missions referred to as Bronze, was a Hero in the Hero Factory Earth Department.

Abilities and Traits

Kelvin was a brave, risk-taking hero. The only being he really fears is Von Nebula. He also wouldn't take orders quickly, rather seeing them as 'suggestions'. While not very order-taking, most of Stormer's won`t be denied, as he does greatly respect him since the accident with Von Nebula in his rookie days.

As leader of the CX-385 Enforcer Team, he takes his responsibility well, sometimes having to give his friend Gerard Numbers the command over the Hero Factory Earth Department. His quick-working mind also assists him in taking hard decisions, though makes him somewhat stubborn at times, mostly in stress and quick thinking.

Hero Gear

Kelvin's primary weapon was the IG Blaster, an Intelligent Gun system, equipped with double-barrelled Atomic Bull blaster. This allowed him to create mathematical formulas in an intelligent calculator. His other arm was used for a Mineral Shield, made from the finest material in the universe. It could resist being torn into a black hole.



  • He was the first page made up by Vagra Nui Tales
  • His gear section says his shield can resist a black hole. It is obvious Bronze won`t be protected, as it is all around him, but for the utterly dumb, I just mention it...