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Kirk Thresher

Hero Factory


A Sonic Boom Weapon and a Metal Sphere Shooter


Alive, Healing


Makuhero City

Thresher was a Hero, who led Preston Stormer's first team. After an accident with another member of the team, Von Ness, no other records of missions have been made, most likely due to his severe injury to his Hero Core.


Thresher was created at the Hero Factory, and was the leader of a team also including Preston Stormer and Von Ness. On a mission, he was badly wounded, yet Preston saved him in time. Von Ness, after the mission, went into hiding, and transformed in Von Nebula. Thresher recovered slowly, and has not been seen on missions afterwards.

Abilities and traits

Thresher wears teal armor, together with a green Hero Core. His weaponry includes a Sonic Boom Weapon and a Metal Sphere Shooter, yet it is known that he posesses more tools to use, but the ones named here are his primary ones.



  • Thresher is a green Dunkan Bulk with Jimi Stringer's and Dunkan Bulk's weapons.
  • He appeared in Ordeal of Fire as a background character, showing that he indeed is well and alive in Makuhero City.