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Kirk Thresher

Hero Recon Team


Sonic Boom Cannon, Metal Sphere Shooter




Teltrax 7

"Stay back, rookies. This is too dangerous for untrained Heroes like you."


New Stellac City Mission

The first well-known mission of Thresher's career was when he was sent with two rookies, Preston Stormer and Von Ness, to investigate a robbery in New Stellac City. However, when they arrived, a massive drone was rampaging through the city. Thresher charged the drone, but he was badly injured and lost consciousness.

He awoke in the Hero Factory infirmary, with Stormer looking at him tentatively. After reassuring Stormer that he was alright, he asked Stormer what happened after he was knocked out.

After hearing the story, Thresher congratulated Stormer on his victory over the Drone. Then he fell back into a coma.

The Upgrade

After being in a coma for months, Thresher developed Core Cancer. Nathaniel Zib determined that the only thing that could save Thresher was an upgrade. The procedure went fine, and Thresher was up and moving within a week. Two weeks later, Zib declared Thresher fit for duty.

Thresher's first assignment after his upgrade was to stop a simple robbery. Thresher completed the mission easily. After a few more missions, it became obvious that he was still one of the best Heroes in Hero Factory.

Hero Recon Team

Thresher was accepted into the Hero Recon Team and has served Hero Factory from that position ever since. When he joined, he was upgraded to 3.0. Thresher has recently been upgraded to 4.0 to assist with the Breakout.


Thresher wielded a Metal Sphere Shooter and a Sonic Boom Weapon. Thresher held the same Metal Sphere Shooter after the Upgrade.

Hero Recon Team and Beyond

103 6866

Thresher 3.0

Thresher used his signature Metal Sphere shooter. His helmet was shaped like the head of a wolf.

Similarly to Jimi Stringer's Sonic Boom Weapon to help deal with the Breakout, Thresher's Metal Sphere Shooter was greatly improved.


Thresher in good-natured and decent-tempered. He will always stand up for his friends. However, he is a bit cautious, a trait which has caused trouble on several missions.


  • Thresher has been know to be overly protective of rookies due to his traumatic past