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Krazar is a mutated Brain that got his body from the ashes and deaths of other Brains and Heroes. He is the leader of three other mutated brains.


Krazar was created by the Legion of Fire. The Legion mutated him to be a perfect killing machine. However, he was able to escape along with 3 other Brains. Initially, Krazar was a yellow Brain, but unlike the others he was extremely aggressive and intelligent. He found the dead bodies of Heroes and Villains piled up in a strange position. Suddenly, he grew arms, legs, a tail, and a head. Following his transformation, he saw three other Brains do the same. Seeking to gain command over them, he named them Frostbite, Toxic whip, and Electrons. Krazar told them about who created them and what they did to them, and they joined his cause.

Shortly after their transformations, they were found by a member of the Legion of Fire . He quickly disposed of the drone and they set out to attack and kill the leader of the Legion of Fire, Vectron. They went on a journey to kill him, overcoming various obstacles before eventually reaching him. Unfortunately, Vectron saw this coming, so he made them bow down to him before him with electric spheres. Krazar refused to bow to him and follow his evil intentions, saying that he would rather die then serve to him. As a result, Vectron planned to put them in prison cells until they said otherwise. Yet Krazar didn't let this happen, as he grabbed the bars from his prison and bent them. After getting out of the cell, he used his new strength to free his brothers, and they began to fight Vectron. The group was able to wound him, but he managed to get away in an escape pod and headed for his base halfway across the planet. Afterwards, Krazar and his brothers went out on a revenge mission to find and kill Vectron. They left the small base and followed the sent of vectrons blood .

During there journey they went into the jungle of Nopora. After traveling for about five miles, they were suddenly got ambushed by an ally of the Legion of Fire .... The Hunters. The Hunters' leader Wolftron said that he was going to bring them to Vectron dead or alive. He also said that he had killed thousands of others that even didn't deserve to die. Krazar said that every innocent beings' blood he drown would be a gallon of his own. Wolftron liked his courage but really didn't care. He told his fellow hunter members Wolfclaw , Saw blade , and Slasher to either kill them or bring them in alive. Krazar went after wolftron. After a long and hard battle Wolftron and his team members used a teleporter to get away and go to the Legions' mean base. Afterwards krazar and the group continued their journey. 

After there fearce battle with the hunters krazar and his brothers cuntinued during there journey so close to the mainbase krazar descoverd a female hero by the name of azeri. azeri and krazar fought each other one on one krazar then suddenly stopped and let her go thats when he fell in love with azeri. krazar then relized that she was working for vectron and soon later vectron came and battled krazar


Strength: 15
Agility: 13
Toughness: 16
Mind: 17
Maximum # 30



  • Krazar is Krazar77's self-MOC. 
  • Krazar is the only one who can do hand to hand combat with Vectron, as everyone else has failed except for the dark being. 
  • krazar  has an affection for a female hero named Azeri