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Lan Illumin
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Similarly to most other heroes, Lan Illumin was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City. Lan was assigned to Delta 47 to be the team’s go-to man for slicing and code-breaking. He was great friends with his team leader Sam Armor and the rookies Riaso Wolf and Tiffany Roboxis.

Later after Sam death and Riaso was made leader. He didn’t question why sam made Riaso the new leader and even if he is the new leader he still have a lot to learn. Later Lan meant Nova Cole and became good friend.


After Riaso mission with Tiffany and Alex, Riaso wanted him, Nova and the other to have a talk about Soldon Armor wanting to join the team, He don’t know what to think, so he just stay out of this one. So Riaso, Nova and Alex accepted Soldon but Tiffany didn’t.

Brain Attack (5.0)

After the Attack on Makuhero City, Nova ,Soldon and Lan, went down the massive hole in Hero Factory that was made by Dragon Bolt, to find the two missing workers. After they got there and gone deeper, they was attack by a lot of Brains, when they was about to get back up to the Hero Factory, Nova told them that he'll stay behind to hold off the Brains. Later Him and the other (beside Riaso and Alex) with better equipments went back down to stop the brains with explosives and later when they gotten the explosive was set up, and when they was about to get out, one have the bombs explode and some big boulders landed on Lan. Renna try to get Lan out but it was no use, Lan told her to get out but she didn't litsen, so Lan tell Soldon to get her out and he did. When all of them but Lan gotten out he shot the bombs and they exploded and killed Lan.


Smart and Collected, Illumin is not a fighter but he will to stop all the danger and who believed in doing his job by the book. He mostly talks a lot to the team about their mission. He has lost some good friend before but he do know the different of being a hero and getting yourself kill.

Illumin is the most mature member in the Delta 47 team, second to Nova and some time do like to take part of some of the rookie goofy pranks and have a good sense of humor. Illumin is good friends to his team, friends and others.


Picture Form Description
Lan 1.0 1.0 form Lan's first form, which was used by his prior to the upgrade.
Lan 2.0 2.0 form Following the upgrade being released, Lan was given new armor to aid him in fighting new wave of villains.
Lan 3.0 3.0 form Lan's form was fitted with new armor to help him in the jungle.
Lan Breakout 4.0 form Following the Breakout, Lan was given new armor and weapons to captured the villains.
Lan Brain Attack 5.0 form In the attack Lan was fitted with new armor and weapons to fight off the brains.


Strength: 8
Agility: 6
Toughness: 7
Mind: 12


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