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"Oh god these things are tasty! Give me five more! What did you expect from a general who hasn't had food in a week?"
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Early Life

All Lance knows about his past is that hero factory killed his parents and damages his universe in the hellfire camps. (Will not get very nasty in the story, I promise) He also only remembers that his mind got whipped out and only knew how to speak and physical abilities. This happened when he was only 18 years old. They were going to kill him but he broke the steal straps and escaped, killing many of the evil "Heroes". He founded the resistance and it was influential enough to bring an entire army consisting of over a million members. He chose many generals, too. The Hero Factory released a humongous weapon and left the generals and many strong soldiers barely alive.

Millennial Shadow

Lance is one of the suspicous time travelers who warned the Hero Factory about the future. He leads the group of six into the battle. Before he time traveled into past, he was the leader of a massive army called the Resistance. Lance chose ten of their best generals to find the source of what turned hero factory inside out and destroyed the world. He met a hero named Magno to help him on his adventure proving quite useful and very helpful. He even saved his life and befriended them.


Strength: 10
Agility: 14
Toughness: 10
Mind: 10


Lance is the jokester of the group, even when all seems lost he can still be happy-a good quality for a leader.


  • He may be a jokester but he is formidable, daring, smart, and strong enough to become a team leader
  • He is the tallest of his team
  • He can be very ruthless
  • He and his team are elemental, colored brown, black, red, white, grey, green, orange, blue, silver, gold and yellow
  • He loves oil dogs.