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Lightning Strikes Twice is a story written by Ottax14.


"They say your Vengance will come one day.And my day is getting closer by the second.and when my day comes everyone will feel my storm.For now i am powerless but that is for now and i know my day is coming.So be warned Lightning Strikes Twice."

-The Thunder Demon

Chapter 1

Time: Present Day

Location: Hero Factory: Room No.31, Sub-room-4

The whirring sounds and hums of the Assembly Tower machinery made Oli feel perfectly comfortable in his room. The Hero Factory had recently added the rooms where 8 teams would share an octagon-shaped room divided in to 8 equal smaller rooms for every team. Oli's team decided to give each other their on space in the rooms. He and his team got the room closest to Assembly Tower, and his section of the room was also closer to it as well.

Sometimes Oli would just come up into his section and work on things like weapons or armour things like that. He would also play video games and use his hero-pad for the internet while listening to the assembly tower's machines. Today Oli went in his room and played against James QuickSilver on the Hero-Box and won. After that he upgraded his Trans-cog. While doing all these things and more Oli got quite relaxed. But even the amount of relaxation he had been through could not prepare him for what would happen next.