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Lily Fox

Hero Factory: Zed 4






Makuhero City

Lily Fox is a member of the Zed 4 Team.


Guard the Princess

The outlying provinces on the planet Seginus have been at war for well over a century. A recent peace treaty has ended hostilities and the ruling Suzerain wished to tour the war-torn areas. Dodge led her team after being assigned to serve as bodyguards, a job made more complicated by the fact that, on Seginus, a Suzerain must be a person utterly without fear.

After saving the Suzerain from a swamp full of ice serpents, an acidic cloud creature, and a volcanic eruption, Leader Rachel Dodge got the ruler to admit she was actually terrified of danger but felt she had to put herself in perilous situations to keep her people's trust. During a meeting with warlords of the two provinces, Dodge had her team fake an avalanche and arranged things to appear as if the Suzerain had saved the lives of the Hero Factory agents. This had the dual effect of increasing the Suzerain’s confidence and making her look like a strong leader in front of the warlords.


In Breakout, Lily was forced to separate from her team to recapture the villain, Crystal. When she went to the planet were she was assigned, Lily found found large crystals. The crystals had a fog and knocked Fox out. When Fox woke up, she found herself in a dark cave gleemming with crystals and Crystal herself came out from the ground with a large crystal blade. Crystal, who was made from crystals, attacked but Fox blasted her plasma blaster and stunned her for long enough to put cuffs around her hands and dragged her back to Hero Factory.


  • Guard the Princess - First Appearance
  • Breakout