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Lucas El





Toxic Savage

Affiliation Hero Factory
Colors White, Blue, Black, Gray, Green, Red
Team Zeta 6
Location Hero Factory
Status Deceased

Lucas El was the leader of Zeta 6 and a former villain.


It is unknown who created El, but whoever it was is said to be a villain. El was defeated easily, and was converted into a hero soon after. He then began a team of heroes called Zeta 6. He recruited fellow heroes Ness Vector, Matthew Spike and Luke Scout. According to security camera records, El died slowly after being shot by a highly dangerous poison gun. 


El originally had two Energy Daggers, a Fire Sword, Anti-Gravity Boots, two Mine Drones, and a Mega Fist.


To battle Shark Man, El was given a plasma gun, a Metal Shield, and a Dual Fire Shooter.

Toxic Savage

El, given the powers of the small but powerful hornet, used two Fire Stingers, a Missile Drone, another plasma gun, and another Mine Drone.


  • El was the first member of Zeta 6 to get a plasma gun.