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Makuhero City
Position Makuro Asteroid
Size 79 Square Miles
Population 24,568,879 Beings
Status Stable

Makuhero City is a city populated by robots. It is the location of the Assembly Tower and also the setting for Hero Factory.



Early on, the small criminals got a hold of many nuclear fuels. That made HERO FACTORY. The city grew up around Hero Factory. It started as a small city, but grew bigger as more workers were needed.  That Unfortunately villains progressively got more powerful and did more damage so Hero Factory had to upgrade.

The H-Team

The various members of the H-Team were recalled to Makuhero City to create the team, and wait for their next mission.

Brain Attack

The army of Brains created by unknown entities naming them selves the 'brain attack corpes' were sent to terrorize the city and destroy the Factory. The Alpha Team and others were assigned to fight off the Army.

Location and nearby land marks

  • Mountain ranges (north to north east)

Notable Locations


  • The city's name is a pun on "Make-a-hero."