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Malcolm Cypher






"You committed the crime, and[[

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Italic text]] I am your punishment."

Malcolm cypher was one of the first automatons produced as an experimental progamm to design an elite fighting force of robots to act as law enforcers in Utopia city. At the time of Malcolm's activation, the city was infested with criminals, and a corrupt criminal organization known as the Hellions controlled the city. When he was first sent into action, he became famous for destroying an entire manufacturing facility that was making weapons for the Hellions by himself. As Utopia cities various crime families took notice of his arrival, they sent numerous mercenaries to kill him. All but one of them survived. After he managed to destroy most of the Hellions assets, Malcolm has taken it upon himself to destroy the organization once and for all.


Malcolm Cypher had extensive self defense programs downloaded into his A.I. As a result, he is extremely skilled in multiple forms of hand to hand combat. He is also an expert marksman, and uses twin combat knives to good effect.


He is very cold and ruthless towards criminals, and has a distinctly narrow minded view of them due to his rather antique personality programming. As a result, he is often critical of the criminal justice system, and often angrily expresses his resentment of their practices to the public.


  • Gunblade (laser sword/rifle)
  • Two combat knives