Marcus Breez was a Hero who was created in the Assembly Tower in Makuhero City


Marcus was the brother of Natalie Breez. At one point, he turned evil and became the Graske because of a villian named Corrupter. He was sent out by Black Phantom to exterminate a legendary relic, but was stopped by Simon Mercuryfist, who beheaded him. Not much else is known abot the Graske, but he was such a notorious criminal, terrorizing existence for 12 years. Many villains have tried to resurrect him, and it was only recently that he succeeded. His only goal is to get revenge on Simon Mercuryfist. 

Revenge on Mercuryfist

He was resurected by an unknown villian which he then strangled to death. Now, partly bionic, he went to eliminate Simon Mercuryfist. He knocked out Simon and then dragged him away to a secret lair. He later dueled with Cumulo Nimbus. The lair wound up collapsing, and It is unknown as to whether either of them survived.