"That's ANOTHER villain conquered by Max Power!"
―Max Power
Max Power
Max Power
Max Power

Hero Factory, Psi Team


Customized Duel Energy Blasters with microlaser cannon and missile launcher, Customized Hard Light sphere cannon with mini energy gun




Somewhere in the galaxy

Max Power is the leader of the Psi Team and known for his extremely powerful weapons.


Max is part of a special line of Heroes called the Mega-Hero project which focuses on creating bigger, more powerful robots to match the larger villains. The Mega-Hero project was essentially a predecessor to the XL heroes. Max's original design was a very strong (almost Duncan Bulk strong) and sturdy bot for testing out experimental weapon technology. The design has proved successful. Max was the last of the heroes produced that would eventually become Psi team. He got to train with some of the best teams before eventually creating and leading the Psi team. Max is usually the one to survey an area before letting his other team members enter a danger zone and some weaker villains have been known to surrender at the very sight of Max's customized weapons. Max mostly trained with the Alpha 1 team.


Max is very courageous when it comes to very unusual and dangerous villains/creatures. Sometimes he would lead the team to their doom if not for the logic of Thomas Dox. Max's courage is fueled mostly by his weapons. Max can also be very protective when his teammates are in danger. He has been known to take great risks in order to keep the rest of the team safe.


In his right hand, Max has Dual Energy blasters with amplifiers on the top or bottom of each blaster. The top blaster has a six-holed microlaser cannon and an ion missile shooter attached to it. In his left hand, Max has a Heavy-Duty hard light cannon with a mini energy gun and reinforced titanium shield to protect his hand.


  • The H Team