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Meltdown (Toxic Six)






"Wow. Who do you think you are? You think you can just come in here, waste all of my stuff, and just get away so easily? You're an idiot for doing that. I'm going to kill you." -Meltdown, The Toxic Six

Meltdown is a major villain who was originally part of Von Nebula's group. 



During the Breakout, Meltdown escaped from his prison cell and ran into the black hole; right after swinging Mark Surge around and flinging him away. Otis Nova was sent to capture him, and came back right at the end of the Breakout, with all the other villains captured.

Sometime after that, when Voltix re-escaped from prison, Meltdown persuaded the villain to free Corroder and himself. They then went their own separate ways, and Corroder made Meltdown his trusty right-hand villain. Together, they headed to the Nuclear Toxdown Plant far off in another Sector, and they plotted their next plans there.

The Nuclear Incident