Von Nebula


Claws, Fire sensors, Fire reactor spouts





Mercaton is a Recon henchbot that works for Von Nebula.


The very beginning of the creation of Mercaton is actually partially known, and the one thing known about him is that he was once a red hero of fire...yet his hero name isn't known. He was placed in a team with two heroes: Crest 7 member Ashley Snapper and Alpha Hero Jimmy Saber. The three went on a mission to destroy a giant green ball of whirling energies that's able to disentegrate anything green. However, Jimmy's armor is green - and when the call came, even though they said about that danger, the robot never sent in the full part, so Jimmy wasn't prepared. Once they got there, Ashley made a quick manuever down a turquoise wall, and her armor matched it perfectly. Jimmy had Mercaton distract the being with fire bolts, and Mercaton began to do so - Yet he had the sudden idea of why he was risking death from this villain, and why did it have to have more power than him? Making a quick choice, that was when Mercaton decided to betray. He aimed a bolt at Saber and simultaneously stunned him with it as well. Ashley was speechless, and she began to battle Mercaton, until the rusted bolts supporting the ceiling above began to give in. She jumped out of the room after Mercaton as the 'Tornado Being' was crushed by the roof. However, once she got up, Mercaton had fled.

Mercaton had heard of Von Nebula time after time, and decided to 'introduce' himself to him in being. He eventually stumbled across a strange glowing object, in which it said MAKLO on it. The object suddenly turned into a portal as it shattered into rusty peices on the ground, and Mercaton was sucked into a black hole, into the realm of Von Nebula. Nebula said he had heard of Mercaton's treachery and he decided to allow him to join the villains. From than on, it is unknown how Mercaton became a villain.

He later appeared in the story serial Fall of Magma Moon when he was introduced to Meltdown and Reaper by Rotor. Mercaton told them that he knows where XPlode, Thunder and Corroder may be - but it might be dangerous. He than set off with his three villainous allies.


  • The object called the MAKLO is really the Bionicle Kanohi OLMAK in reversed letters. It is simply an Easter Egg and it has nothing to do the the Kanohi kind at all.
  • Mercaton is named after the Geographer Gerardus Mercator, with an r instead of an n.